“Back in 1980”, which club chair to choose?

1970, an unlikely mix of genres! The birth of the retro seat

For a long time synonymous with class and sobriety, between 1970 and 1980 the club chair became the terrain of all experimentation. Discover the craziest models from the designers’ imagination. Discover the golden age of retro seating.

New or second-hand Club chair? Modern or Classic?

The boundless industrial enthusiasm of the 60s continued in the 70s under the aegis of Philippe Starck. At the same time, designers such as Garouste and Bonetti sought to reconcile craftsmanship with industrial mass production.

Choose your luxury!

The club chair, initially confined to private clubs and the working world, is becoming more and more popular to please private individuals. And its history is beginning to be old enough for its different lines to exist in parallel. It is now possible to ask the question: do I prefer a new club armchair or a restored second-hand club armchair in an antique shop? Do I prefer a modern or a classic club armchair? Do I wish to refer to a particular decade? Some people, for example, have a weakness for moustache chairs, typical of the 1940s.
Among lovers of retro-historic decor, club chairs are beginning to be found in industrial lofts. They are often decorated with Jieldé metal lamps.

Do you know the masterpiece of 1980s design?

The two-colour or two-material models are multiplying: we regularly see the leather of the seat being enhanced by a visible metal or wooden structure. No risk is now excluded: club armchairs come in all shapes and colours, are easily mixed with other models of chairs (Voltaire or Chesterfield) and even improbable club armchairs on castors appear!
Postmodernism has infiltrated all facets of artistic creation, and we even see the names or monograms of designers repeated ad infinitum on the outer fabrics: goodbye to the characteristic sobriety of club chairs!

Franz Romero’s DS57

The most famous model of the decade appeared in 1986: Franz Romero’s DS57. This model, otherwise known as the “Bugatti”, was inspired by the racing cars of the 1930s. It is a masterpiece of design: the steeply reclining backrest evokes the aerodynamics of the means of locomotion, while its shiny metal base inspires stability.

How your seat ended up on the other side of the world?

Star of the 80’s, the Rolf Benz brand is THE specialist in lounge photography: not backing away from any technical constraint, they will transport seats, sofas and club armchairs to the four corners of the world, to obtain luxurious pictures. These photos are nowadays appreciated by insiders, who compete for their kitschy charm.