Large Club Chairs

The leather club chair is undoubtedly one of the most iconic furniture of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Buy a large club chair artisanal will immediately give the stamp to your living room. You can choose a club chair from our wide range of products, whether for your home or even for your business or practice. The club style seduces all generations.

Both trendy and comfortable, it attracts both nostalgic and designer furniture lovers.

Large French style vintage club armchairs

This type of leather chair has become very fashionable in recent years. The large club chairs have imposing dimensions that reinforce their enveloping side. Their comfortable and flexible seats make you want to stay there to enjoy a good reading by the fire.

Back in the roaring twenties

If you want to dive back into the craziest and most inspiring years of Paris, at a time when artists, writers, and entertainers rubbed shoulders in the most eccentric evenings of the capital, our range of great French club chairs could well help you there. We selected the most famous models of this era, for a style definitely retro and refined. The Grand Chaplin 1925 Club Chair or the Mustache club armchair will meet your expectations. Wide and flexible, we only want to stall after a long day of work to enjoy a moment of relaxation. Their imposing and robust forms are nonetheless warm. With their large rounded armrests, curved backs and soft padding, you'll never want to leave them.

Design and original club armchairs

If you like horse riding and horse racing, the Longchamp club chair will fit you perfectly. But if you're looking for an armchair that is more in tune with a modern interior and design , the Jules club chair is the one for you. The original model of the Roaring Twenties, with its picked side and its simple round curves is a contemporary design jewel.

Large leather club chairs in English style

For a more British style, you have the choice: the large club armchair Bristol with its square shape is a classic art deco furniture. Its design is simple but its curved armrests and studded finishes give it character. The Coventry armchair will appeal to lovers of rounded lines. But if you want to stay in the English style of the purest tradition, this is the Chesterfield club chair you need, inspired by the iconic sofa club of the same name. Created at the request of an English Lord in the eighteenth century, it is recognizable among thousands thanks to its quilted and buttoned leather. His backrest and his armrests are turned up like the collar of a coat. Summum of chic and comfort, it fits in both a classic decor and a more contemporary interior.

How to choose your big leather club chair

With such a wide range of large club chairs, you will necessarily find the one that suits you. To choose your chair correctly, you can consult our catalog. Each club chair is upholstered with full grain cowhide leather to keep its marks and look aged leather. This is the mark of genuine club chairs. We offer each club chair model in 8 colors : : gold, honey, rustic, chocolate, cognac, red and black. Thus, each model can adapt to a style of interior decoration and different furniture. Our armchairs are handcrafted but with modern techniques. Each piece of furniture is prepared and assembled by different workers who respect each step of the creative process. Joiners and tanners work for 7 to 8 weeks to deliver a unique and durable piece of furniture.. See also the small Club chairs