Leather Footrest

Also made with quality craftsmanship and top grain leather they will integrate perfectly with the rest of your interior design.

Why buy a footstool or leather footrest ?

Simply because they are the essential allies of any club lounge . What’s better than matching furniture to complete your home decor and give it charm and harmony? Our selection of ottomans and leather footstools will accentuate the style of your stay. They are all as designer and trendy as their fellow leather club chairs or sofas. You can match them easily.

After a long day, you can sit comfortably in your chair and rest your feet on one of our accessories. The poufs can serve as extra seating. They are cozy and comfortable. You can choose between a square or round shape, depending on your preference. To be in perfect agreement with the rest of your furniture, you can also choose their color. Like all our club furniture, we use a full grain leather , which is a very high quality leather. We thought of every detail. You will also notice the pretty studded finishes, a touch that highlights their craftsmanship.

The Feet Feet of MyClubChair

No need to go far to find extra furniture for your stay. The leather poufs fits easily with the rest of your furniture, especially if you have other leather furniture . It is nice to sit there or put your feet on it. On the other hand, the aged leather that we use during their manufacture only beautifies with time and gives this old furniture aspect that we cherish so much in the club chairs and sofas.

We have three models of ottomans and leather footrests. We have a small square model, ideal for teaming with a square club sofa such as the Lindbergh club sofa or the Grand Carré. Simple and comfortable, it has a width of 50 cm and does not take much space. To save even more space and choose a leather footstool that matches the more rounded club chairs or sofas, you can choose the small round leather ottoman. Discreet, it combines easily with your sofa or your leather chair. We also have a wider rectangular footrest . Its dimensions are 80 cm wide and 60 cm deep.

You can use these models both as a footrest and as a booster seat in your living room.

The leather fireside chair by MyClubChair

To complete your Club Lounge, you can opt for our model leather chair, in addition to the ottomans and leather footrest. This small seat is ideal as a booster seat and does not take up much space. Without armrests but with a soft and comfortable padding on the seat and a long backrest, you will feel perfectly at ease.

The fireside was invented to put itself at the corner of the fire. Its height is low, precisely so that the person occupying it is at the level of the hearth. And its backrest is high to protect you from drafts while keeping your back. Today, its use is a little lost, but it is still very popular. Very comfortable, the leather fireside enjoys an optimal size. You can add a small chair to your living room. Its rounded and pure shapes combine with charm with art deco furniture. Its leather of sheepskin is realized of traditional way by combining traditional method and modern technique. While its file has studded finishes, a sign of the quality of its confection.

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