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Club chair leather wax, the secret to long-lasting seats

Discover our club chair care kits, all-in-one boxes dedicated to the beauty and durability of leather. At My Club Chair, we’ve chosen a prestigious covering for our club footstools, chairs, armchairs and sofas: basane leather. This noble material has been used for centuries to cover luxury furniture.

Full-grain sheepskin leather is appreciated for its robustness, suppleness and fluffy feel. This type of leather has a distinguished yet friendly character. To extend the life of the leather on our club chairs, we offer two ready-to-use wax kits.

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Leather club chair care kit

To bring out the colour of leather and keep it supple, it needs the right care. That’s why we’ve designed ready-to-use care kits. You’ll find everything you need to protect your leather furniture. Starting with a jar of wax
200g capacity. It’s a product designed to meet the special needs of full-grain leather. To make it easier to apply, we’ve included a foam pad to help spread the product evenly.

We’ve also added a chamois, a cloth made from plant-based fabric (cotton fibres). This fluffy cloth is perfect for cleaning, dusting and polishing leather. It is anti-static and anti-scratch. So it’s ideal for maintaining fragile surfaces like screens, wooden furniture and, of course, leather. This hard-wearing fabric can be washed and reused, making it an environmentally-friendly accessory.

The colourless wax set for leather armchairs

Our club armchairs and sofas are robust pieces of furniture, made from hard-wearing basane leather designed to last for years. However, these are pieces we use every day, and over time they can wear out. Without regular, meticulous care, they can quickly lose their shine and suppleness. That’s why we recommend
use waxes that are suitable for basane leather.

Our maintenance kit with a colourless wax will allow you to clean, nourish and protect the leather of your club chair with a single product. It is waterproof and lets the leather breathe. As it contains no colour pigments, it will not change the natural colour of the leather.
colour of the leather. The colourless wax will simply restore the leather to its original healthy shine, and the warm glow it had when it left the workshop.

Ready-to-use colour wax for basane leather

Colour wax for basane leather enhances and brightens colours. We offer colour waxes in honey, havana, cognac, chocolate, black, red, English green and antique green. These are the eight standard leather colours used for our club chairs.
With them, you can work on the colour nuances and patina of your leather furniture.

You can intensify the colour of the leather in the areas of your choice. A pleasant and subtle way to personalise your club chair, while nourishing it. The pigmented wax will protect the leather from external aggressions (dust, rubbing, perspiration residues, etc.) without damaging it. To preserve leather effectively, these creams should be used regularly as a preventive measure.

Tips and tricks for leather care

Many alternatives to basane leather wax are sometimes presented as miracle solutions. These are often household or cosmetic products. You may be tempted to try these tips, which are available on the internet, but we strongly advise against it. Basane leather is a noble and living material, and not just any substance should be used on it, otherwise it will be permanently damaged. Pure beeswax, for example, is used as a substitute for basane wax. But it can damage the quality of the leather by blocking its pores, preventing the epidermis from breathing. At the same time, you lose its absorbent and heat-regulating properties.

Body lotions and milks have the same clogging effect. Moisturising skin creams can go rancid, and their nauseating smell will penetrate the grain of the leather for a long time. Finally, cleaners containing solvents should be avoided at all costs, especially on coloured leathers. To preserve the qualities of basane, take care and always use suitable products.

How to apply club chair wax

Just like our skin, leather needs regular nourishment. If it is not sufficiently moisturised, leather can dry out, causing cracks to appear. Over time, these will develop into deep tears. Once they’re there, there’s no going back. This type of deformation weakens the structure of the leather and may force you to restore your club chair prematurely. Here are the different steps you need to take to maintain the leather of your furniture and ensure it has a long, beautiful life.

The right way to clean leather

First of all, clean your club chair or sofa with a damp cloth. You can add a small amount of mild soap. Rub gently over the entire surface of the leather. Repeat the operation with the rinsed, water-soaked cloth.

Nourishing and waxing the basane

Once the leather has dried completely, you can start applying the cream of your choice. Use the colourless wax to moisturise the leather, or the coloured wax to enhance the shade of your Club chair.

  • Lightly pat the product into the leather;
  • Leave to dry for 15 minutes;
  • Rub in with a clean cloth.

Once the wax has been applied, your leather will not only regain its former beauty, but also its flexibility – you’ll feel it immediately.

The ideal frequency for maintaining full grain sheepskin leather

It is important to apply club chair leather wax at least twice a year. For parts of the seat that come into frequent contact with the body, such as the backrest, armrests or seat back, don’t hesitate to repeat the operation more often. Ideally, it should be maintained monthly if you use it most of the time.

As you can see, the basane leather used to upholster our club chairs is one of the most prestigious and robust leathers on the market. Its many qualities mean that it retains its shine and stands the test of time. Despite this, it will always need your attentive care and a regular dose of club chair leather wax. To find out more and find out all the secrets for preserving basane leather, read our article: How to care for your leather club chair?

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