We offer products specifically designed for leather care to bring new life to your leather chairs and sofas. Discover our cream and our club chair wax, and how to take care of your leather furniture to last longer.


What is a club chair wax for ?

Our armchairs and club sofas are sturdy furniture, made with durable materials that last for years. However, those are furniture that we use every day, and by force, they can wear out.

That’s why you have to use club chair creams and waxes. Without a regular maintenance and careful leather furniture, they may lose their luster and flexibility quickly.

Be careful not to use beeswaxes that can affect the quality of the leather. Choose a club chair wax to restore its shine and shine while respecting the material.

What is a club chair cream for?

Like our skin, leather needs to be hydrated. Drying of the skin can cause cracks. And once they are there, it is impossible to go back.

So, we must act before it’s too late! But do not use any product. Some believe they can substitute leather care products with skin care products, but they risk damaging it even more.

This is the case of body lotions that clog the pores of the leather. He needs to breathe. As for moisturizing creams, they can become rancid.

For better care of your leather furniture, it is advisable to use a club chair cream. It will protect the leather from external aggressions (dust, friction, sweat residue, etc.), without damaging it. These creams should be used preventively and on a regular basis to effectively preserve the leather.

Our leather care products

How to clean and keep full grain leather ?

To revive the color of leather and maintain its flexibility, it requires appropriate care. We have developed creams and waxes for club chairs that perfectly maintain full-grain leather.

But for better maintenance, it is necessary to clean the leather covering. Cleansers containing solvents are prohibited, especially if it is a colored leather.

You can use a soft, damp cloth and clean the leather surface with mild soap and water. When the leather has dried, you can start applying our products.

Club chair wax

It is important to apply Club Chair Wax at least twice a year to your leather furniture. It exists in colorless or color leather version. Colored Leather Wax makes the patina beautiful and adds color to the details.

Our Club Chair Waxes nourish the skin deeply. They should be spread with a soft cloth over the entire surface. Once the wax is applied, your leather will regain its beauty of yesteryear but also its flexibility, you will feel it to the touch.

The leather care cabinet of sheepskin

These products are suitable for full grain leather. You will find a :

  • cleaning lotion
  • care cream
  • cleaning sponge
  • application cloth

How to use it ?

First, you can clean your chair or club sofa with lotion and sponge. Its material does not attack the leather and allows to clean it gently. You can then apply the cream of care tomoisturize the leather, before applying a club chair wax.

It is recommended to use the cream once or twice a month on the parts in contact with the body such as armrests, seats or backrest.

Thanks to our cleaning products, the leather of your furniture will not lose its suppleness and its brightness.

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