Chesterfield Armchairs

Chesterfield armchairs are made with very high quality manufacturing materials : beech, canvas, hardware, buttons, horsehair.

Nothing is left to chance, and we trust our craftsmen to bring their know-how and achieve the best finishes. The last element that gives the true Chesterfield its unique character, it is of course its leather.

In order to offer you a real exceptional product , we have chosen to leave cowhide, for this type of furniture, in favor of Sheepskin leather. It has special properties that give it a much more silky appearance and texture much more pleasant to the touch.
It’s a world-renowned material for its longevity, flexibility, and durability .

With our Chesterfield club chairs, you really make the choice of the excellence of English furniture, whether in terms of style or quality.

Discover them in two versions : the Churchill Chesterfield Armchair, and the Buckingham Club Armchair.

The Buckingham Chesterfield Armchair: Discover the comfort of the Lord

Directly inspired by the Chesterfield style, the Chesterfield Buckingham armchair is perfect for an office.

We decided to transpose all the qualities of Chesterfield furniture into a office chair to bring you the elegance and comfort of the English style to your desk.

There is nothing more pleasant than getting to work in an armchair of the ideal proportions and which has been realized in the interest of the comfort of its user. Wrapped in the comfort of its seating , you can settle your affairs in the manner of an English Lord.

We designed this office chair with the finest and most resistant materials. Its frame and its feet are in solid beech to guarantee its durability.

Its buttoned leather is, meanwhile, made with springs and vegetable hair in the respect of the English know-how.

The coating was made with a very high quality leather, the full grain sheep leather , which we chose because it gives an elegant and authentic look to all the furniture it covers, but also for its strength and longevity.

On the other hand, vegetable tanning is achieved; in a non-traditional way, while its color, its waxing and its patina are handmade by our craftsmen.

The Churchill Chesterfield Armchair for a vintage style

Make yourself comfortable in this English-style armchair and rediscover the comfort and finesse of this classic and timeless armchair. Chesterfield Churchill armchair as an inimitable style.

Its vintage look will recreate in your stay the atmosphere of old English gentlemen’s clubs. His unique appearance comes from the idea of ​​an English Lord, Lord Philip Stanhope, who, as a real good man, wanted furniture that would not crease his clothes.
He placed an order and was given a sofa with a buttoned leather, wide armrests and a backrest whose shape resembled that of a coat collar.He was quickly declined in a lounge chair. When we find in Chesterfield Armchair Churchill the same peculiarities.

It is both distinguished and comfortable, perfect for relaxing and enjoying a good glass of wine or whiskey. Its finishes are very fine and its structure very solid. Its frame and feet are made of solid wood. The cushions, originally filled with goose or horse-hair feathers, are now upholstered with polyester foam, which in no way compromises the comfort of the Chesterfield Chesterfield Armchair.

Special care has been taken with upholstery to offer you optimal comfort. Full grain sheep leather , chosen for its flexibility and resistance, gives this armchair all the nuance and elegance of English furniture

What is the price of a quality Chesterfield armchair?

We will never repeat it enough, quality has a price. Especially when the leather armchairs are hand crafted.

For the quality of its seating, its full grain sheep leather,and its longevity, the Buckingham Chesterfield club armchair can be acquired from 1949 €.

As for the Churchill Chesterfield Armchair, this imposing model, ensuring optimal comfort, in its quality leather, you will find a price from 1890 €.

This type of chair is a real investment in the long term. By taking care, these furniture can last over several generations.

On My Club Chair, choose the quality, and longevity for your chair.
You can contact us, to have more information on our armchairs, or even come to try them, in our specialized store.

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