The story of a family heritage between traditional craftsmanship and digital revolution

Mon fauteuil club is above all a family story. It all began in the 1980s with a craftsman, an upholsterer by trade. He set up his factory in the Occitan region, heir to a tradition where the guild of upholsterers and saddlers had flourished for centuries. The man is in life as he is in his workshop: passionate and authentic. His nephew, Albert, first worked with him but then moved away from the land of his childhood to make his own way. For almost 20 years, he worked for the greatest names in French furniture and travelled all over the world.

In the early 2000s, he discovered the potential of a booming technological revolution: the Internet.

He became a pioneer in e-commerce and created one of the first online shops dedicated to home furnishings. It was a real success. But in 2008, the global economic crisis impacted his business and forced him to question all his work.

In 2010, he refocused and welcomed two events. First, his first daughter changed his outlook on life. A few months later, he joined forces with his brother and launched an online shop for custom-made club chairs: “My club chair“. The work of the craftsman, which had been confidential until then, was brought to light thanks to this digital transformation. A new bridge is created between tradition and modernity. A successful gamble whose success continues to this day! “Nostalgic for the elegance of yesteryear, we chose the handlebar moustache, emblematic of the gentlemans of the 1920s, as our company logo. It is both a nod to one of our flagship creations and a symbol of our values: respect, quality and uniqueness.

Top-of-the-range club chairs from the south of France

Today, our showroom is located in Toulouse, the famous pink city. Our location in the department of Haute-Garonne, in the heart of the Occitanie region, gives us the opportunity to work with excellent local craftsmen. We work exclusively with top quality materials produced in the South West of France.

Our club and chesterfield chairs are upholstered in basane leather, a high-quality full-grain sheep leather. We select them from a world-renowned sheepskin maker located in Mazamet, not far from our workshop in Toulouse. He is one of the last to use vegetable tanning, an artisanal process that enhances the nature of the skins while respecting the environment.

The magic of craftsmanship gives life to modern and vintage creations

One of our greatest prides is to perpetuate an ancestral know-how, that of the manufacture of club chairs. You may not know it, but this furniture was born in the 19th century in the hands of French craftsmen. They covered it with leather, shaped it into sophisticated forms and padded the seat and back to give it the comfort for which it is famous. Two centuries later, we reproduce the same gestures and take the necessary time to create works of which we hope our ancestors would be proud!

Personalized support for a tailor-made salon

We know better than anyone: your furniture is the heart of your interior design. It reflects your history and your personality. Our wish is that the chair you imagine in your mind becomes the one that will proudly take pride of place in your home. And for that, you have to take your time! That is why we will welcome you in our Toulouse showroom for a personal meeting during which you will be able to see and touch our work.

If you can’t come to our showroom, you can talk to a member of our team by phone or email. Ask your questions, share your fears and above all explain your expectations. After several decades of satisfying our customers’ special requests, we are now used to responding to a wide range of demands. Our ambition is to offer you high quality customised club chairs, far from the standardised products without any originality.

We hope you will enjoy living with our custom-made club chair. A powerful decorative element that will share your intimacy and follow you for many, many years.