Delivery locations

We ship your order from our workshop to the delivery address of your choice anywhere in the European Union.

For a delivery to an address outside the European Union, please make your request through our contact form.

Manufacturing time

Our products are made to order and are tailor-made for our customers. Our lead time is 7 to 8 weeks, most of the year.

However, some periods are busier than others and the delay can also be longer depending on the volume of orders we process, so we ask for your patience.

You should also take into consideration the closing periods (Christmas and summer vacations).

If you have an event or a date to honor, please let us know through the contact form.


The delay

The time of transport depends on the delivery chosen by the Customer when placing his order (from 2 days for the Classic delivery to 15 days for the Premium delivery).

Removal from the warehouse

The removal is done by your own means at our warehouse in Portet-sur-Garonne and by appointment.

Classic Delivery (1 driver-delivery person)

The delivery is made: at the tailgate of the truck, in front of your house or at the foot of your building on the road, by only 1 deliveryman who drops the parcels and does not take part in the handling (you must provide help).

You must take charge of the handling of the package(s) from the tailgate of the delivery truck to the interior of your home.
The packaging is not taken back by the deliveryman.

Premium* Delivery (2 delivery drivers)

The delivery is made: inside your home to the destination room by 2 specialized delivery drivers.

This delivery includes: the unpacking, the installation of your chair or your sofa in the place you have chosen (you have nothing to do).
The packaging is taken back and evacuated by the deliverymen.

Making an appointment

The carrier will contact you by sms or e-mail to agree with you the day of delivery, usually within 4 days after the collection of the order at our warehouse.

*Premium Delivery is only valid for mainland France.

**Delivery times are given as an indication and may vary during school vacations, Christmas and New Year, and bad weather (snowfall, ice).


You will get the cost of the delivery you want by entering the country and the postal code in the basket.

Taking back your old sofa

We can take back your old sofa but only within the framework of the Premium Delivery, for that it is enough for you to make the request by the form contact.

Advice on delivery

You must imperatively check the good condition of the goods before signing the delivery note to the deliveryman.

You must describe, on the delivery form provided by the deliveryman, the exact condition of the packaging and the goods. No claim will be accepted if these recommendations are not respected.

We remind you that the words “subject to unpacking” or “packaging in good condition” are not legally valid in case of dispute with the carrier.

If the driver does not let you open the package to check the good condition of the goods, refuse the delivery and call us.

In accordance with Article L.217-19 of the Consumer Code, the Customer must mention on the delivery note the reservations he intends to make about the condition of the goods received.

All claims must be transmitted to us from the form on contact us within 48 hours (not including holidays) following receipt of the product.

To be admissible, the reserves must be precise and detailed: describing the anomalies of delivery and the damage suffered by the packaging and the goods (and not exclusively by the packaging) with the reference or the name of the products concerned. If you have a telephone with a camera, take pictures that will allow you to prove your good faith.

written : formulated within 48 hours to contact us
complete : only the damage mentioned in the reservations will be considered as existing at the time of delivery
confirmed : by registered letter within 48 hours to : MY CLUB CHAIR – 22 avenue Pradié – Lot 7 – 31120 Portet-sur-Garonne – France
In accordance with the legislation of transport, in the absence of reserve formulated with these precisions, the sending is considered delivered in conformity and no complaint will be accepted in the event of non respect of these recommendations and after a five days deadline.

The marks present in the basane leather such as: scars, insect bites, grease folds, mottling, nuances in the shade cannot be considered as manufacturing defects but on the contrary as guarantees of a natural origin and proof of a beautiful authenticity.

These natural “defects” cannot be considered as a valid reason for refusal.

Sheep leather (basane) is a natural leather, not corrected and not rectified, it is a leather which marks easily and which takes the print of its use, and it is what the amateur of original club chair looks for.

We specify that a quality control is carried out before the packing and the setting out of paperboard of each product thus it is impossible that a product is packed with a snag or damaged, that does not exist at

The customer declares to have taken knowledge of this information and can in no case refuse a delivery for such reasons.

In the event that the deliverymen are unable to make the Premium delivery, following a poor assessment of access to his home by the customer (elevator, stairs, door, hallway), they will leave with the packages and the order will be canceled, transportation costs and travel will be charged to the customer.

For the good progress of the Premium delivery, the customer who wishes to have recourse to a specific means of delivery (lift, elevator, crane), must envisage it. The customer must inform the carrier, at the time of fixing the appointment for the delivery, so that this one coordinates with its provider to the delivery.

The products are delivered to the address that you will have indicated at the time of the order. The delivery costs are indicated in the shopping cart when you enter the delivery address.

The delivery trucks stay on public roads (tarred and dimensioned) and do not enter private roads.

In case of absence of the customer at the time of delivery, the deliverymen will not deposit the goods at another address or at the neighbors, except if the customer asks for it in writing.