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Discover our full range of 2 seater, 3 seater or convertible settees. All models are also available in an armchair version.
Full grain leather sofa: more softness and more durability
At My Club Armchair, we have a taste for well-made work and quality materials. That’s why we draw and create full grain leather club sofas.

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This type of leather is renowned for its beauty and strength. It lasts much longer because it is made from a thicker skin area with a higher fiber density. This is also what gives him so much softness to the touch. He keeps
a weathered appearance
which only gets better over time. Having kept its upper surface intact, it keeps the traces and asperities of the skin, which gives it its unique character. The tanner has the responsibility to sublimate this aspect to achieve unique and visually appealing leather coverings. To showcase our leather club sofas we chose to use sheepskin leather, made from sheepskin, for its flexibility and shine. Tanning makes it possible to highlight the beauty and excellence of these materials.

Convertible leather club sofa: be practical while remaining stylish

Convertible leather club sofas are one of our flagship products. Why sacrifice elegance for convenience when you can have both? You can find all our models of leather sofas in convertible version. Thus, you do not need to make a choice between the style that suits you and having a functional piece of furniture. They do service when you do not have a guest room. You will be able to enjoy leather club sofa
stylish and with good seating by day, and a comfortable sleeping at night.
We make our convertible sofa Chesterfield, Hemingway or Cabaret models with the same care and the same requirement as for non convertible models. We guarantee full-grain leather upholstery, comfortable seating where you can choose the upholstery and a solid structure.

On the other hand, we use Bultex® memory mattresses 8 to 13 cm thick, to ensure their quality and durability of the coating. Indeed, convertibles often have the shortcoming of having a mattress with a short life and whose comfort sometimes leaves something to be desired. This will not happen with our convertible leather club sofas. The opening and closing mechanism is easy and fast to simplify everyday life. All our models of convertible leather sofas are available in 2 or 3 places.

Club sofa leather aged: a style that fits all the decorations

Club sofas in distressed leather have a unique personality thanks to their robust and authentic leather. You can choose from one of our many 30’s or 50’s style models to relive the era of gentleman’s salons. 2 seater leather sofas or 3 places exist in a wide range of colors that fits all interiors: gold, honey, rustic, chocolate, cognac, red or black. They are perfect for giving a vintage look to a room, even in a modern decor.
When ordering, you also have the possibility to choose the comfort of the seats. The vegetable tanning of club sofas in aged leather guarantees respect for the environment and the quality of the leather. All our club sofas are made by experienced craftsmen who are committed to delivering furniture of excellence.

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