3 Seater Sofas

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The 3 seater sofa club: a furniture of character

If you want to impose your style and show your character, the club style is a style of furniture that has proven itself. It comes to us from the famous leather club chairs, these comfortable armchairs made in France at the end of the 19th century and which quickly crossed the borders. They have inspired creators and designers throughout the years and in all countries. That’s why we find dozens of different models. Most of them were created during the Art Deco period. And club sofas are directly inspired.

We recognize them thanks to their robust style, their clean design, and their often convex and generous forms that invite to relaxation. Because that is what characterizes the club style, this imposing and yet welcoming appearance. The club chairs came in opposition to so-called “style” chairs, less comfortable and shallower.
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will give a strong personality and at the same time familiar and warm to your interior decoration. You can enjoy it during a party for two, with friends, or simply for a moment to yourself.

High quality and artisanal quality

We manufacture our club sofas 3 places in the rules of the art. To respect the tradition of making this furniture, we use traditional methods, especially for tanning, but improved with modern techniques. All our club sofas are solid thanks to a frame and feet made of beech wood.

In addition, for the coating, we use a full grain sheep leather . But what does that mean? Full grain leather is a leather that has not been treated and has kept its natural grain. That’s why all our sofas and club chairs have this aged look. The leather has kept the marks and the bites of the surface of the skin. Then we perform a vegetable tanning and without chemicals to preserve these peculiarities. In addition, we use basan, a part of sheep leather that is very strong and very soft. The touch is very pleasant. By receiving your sofa club 3 places, you can see for yourself. In addition, it also has properties of flexibility and shine. The quality of the leather is the real signature of an armchair or an authentic club sofa.

Finally, you can choose the type of upholstery you want for seating: flexible, medium or firm. They are lined with a high resilience synthetic foam very pleasant. We claim a handicraft of our sofas and leather armchairs because each product is unique. They are made and assembled by hand by several craftsmen. That’s why when ordering from us, you are certain to buy a top-quality 3-seater leather club sofa of the highest quality.

The styles of the 3-seater leather club sofas

Discover our selection of club sofa models, to give a vintage and elegant look to your stay. We have leather sofas with very different styles. If you are more traditional or like the English style, you can take a look at the Chesterfield sofa club : a timeless classic. But we also have several designer club sofas inspired by art deco movement models. They will fit perfectly into a contemporary interior. You can also choose the shade of your club sofa leather among 7 colors from light to dark: gold, honey, rustic, chocolate, cognac, red, black. What will allow you to expand even more the choice. Among our catalog, you will necessarily find the sofa club 3 places that suits you.

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