How to restore your old club chair?

How to restore your old club chair?


Discover all the secrets of restoring your leather armchair

The club chair is a timeless classic that we like to find at flea markets or keep in the family from generation to generation. It is therefore rare to find it in perfect condition. A restoration of your armchair is therefore often necessary.

It is possible to redo a basane leather armchair yourself, or to call in a professional upholsterer : it is a job that requires several strings to your bow!

7 steps to restore your club chair the right way

You have found a magnificent club chair with an intact structure, but the leather needs to be changed? Here are the 7 steps to follow to restore your interior furniture to its former glory! Be careful and delicate to carry out this armchair restoration like a professional.

1. The stripping

The first step is to remove the upholstery from the chair. We remove the skins, the upholstery and even the strapping if it is damaged. This allows us to measure the extent of the damage, clean the frame and strengthen it if necessary.

2. Strapping

The straps are the “floor” of your chair: the tighter they are, the better the support. Don’t forget that they carry the weight of the seat, so their role is very important! The strapping should also be done on the backrest.

3. The lining

The lining is the installation of the springs and their fixation. These are what ensure the proper suspension of your chair. This stage in the restoration of the chair must be carried out with care. Indeed, a badly fixed spring could twist. Finally, the whole thing should be covered with a strong cloth.

4. Upholstery

Club chairs are traditionally upholstered in horsehair. This is a delicate job that requires the expertise of a professional. Today, horsehair is sometimes replaced by foam: it is less resistant, less expensive and easier to install. The horsehair is then covered and wrapped in a filler cloth.

5. Whitewashing

Whitewashing the club chair is the last stage of upholstery and precedes the laying of the leather. The application of a white cotton fabric allows the fabric or leather surface to be changed later without having to redo the entire upholstery.

6. Laying the leather

A thin layer of wadding separates the white fabric from the decorative leather to prevent rubbing and ensure a longer life for the seat. For club chairs, full grain sheep leather is normally used. It takes between 6 and 8 skins to cover an entire chair.

7. Patina

This is the last step in the restoration of your chair. The colouring is personal and depends on the final aspect you wish to give to your club chair. Patination is an art in itself!

For the restoration of your leather chair, be patient!

Even if you entrust the restoration of your club chair to a professional, allow at least two weeks for a job that is done entirely by hand. The skins alone require two full days of drying!