Chesterfield Sofas

Its robustness, combined with elegant finishes and a leather button that is unique, make it famous all over the world.

My Club Armchair, you have various versions that will fit your living room and your lifestyle. We invite you to discover our entire range in order to make the most judicious choice.

The classic: The 2 seater Chesterfield sofa

The 2 seater Chesterfield Sofa will fit very easily in a living room or reception room.
and yet luxueux, this sofa; combines the two strengths of English furniture yesteryear.
The apporte un coté cozy et chaleureux à chaque pièce que meuble et invite les amoureux à partager une soirée à deux.

What do you prefer to assise moelleuse or plus ferme, Mon Fauteuil Club peak exaucer votre souhait. Chesterfield lands 2 places in 7 different colors. Du gold au noir, all the nuances are permissions !

Its height is 76 cm , its width of 190 cm et depth of 95 cm. With these dimensions, it will fit easily in small living rooms, while adding a touch of style and the charm of English clubs.

For large lounges: The Chesterfield Sofa also exists in 3 places

The 3 seater Chesterfield sofa, that has larger dimensions, requires a larger interior than for its 2-seater counterpart.

With a height of 76 cm, a width of 220 cm and depth of 95 cm , this spacious sofa is ideal for evenings with friends or family and chats by the fire. It is the ideal piece of furniture for parties between gentlemen

Its recognizable leather padded goes back to 17th century England. It was popularized as it left the lounges of large English families and exported throughout the world, especially after the 60s. It remains nevertheless the favorite sofa English salons, and makes you want to do it again, with a glass of whiskey in your hand..

On our site, you can choose between different colors, just as you can select the type of comfort and suspension that you want.

For guests: Choose convertible

The Chesterfield sofa also exists in convertible version! Nothing better than to combine business with pleasure. Thanks to the convertible sofa, you will have the luxury of being able to enjoy a high-end leather sofa in your living room, while having the possibility of inviting a loved one to sleep comfortably in a real bed. Quality and comfort are our top priority for all our sofas, and so are convertible sofas because we want it to be as nice to sit in as it is to sleep there.

The mechanism facilitates the unfolding and folding of the sofa; to make opening easier and faster.
Choosing a convertible Chesterfield sofa at My Club Armchair is guaranteed to have a solid furniture made with the best materials. Our sofas are made by several craftsmen, in a 6 to 8 weeks delay and according to the criteria of colors, comfort and seating that you have chosen.

The best prices are on MyClubChair !

On My Club Chair, you can purchase a genuine sofa Chesterfield au meilleur prix. at the best price. We offer the Chesterfield sofa in several variations, 2 places, 3 places or convertible, and in 7 different colors. Choosing my Club Chair is choosing the best value for money on the market; since our sofas are all made to order by experienced and demanding craftsmen.

All our sofas are made with premium materials and are lined with full grain sheep leather, called sheepskin leather, which guarantees its silky and weathered appearance.

You can discover all our range of Chesterfield sofa on our website and contact us for any advice.

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