The workshop

My Club Chair workshop is made up of a team of craftsmen who perpetuate a precious know-how handed down from generation to generation.

We design and make each piece by hand, according to the rules of the trade. Our ambition is to maintain the high level of quality that has helped forge our reputation for excellence. To achieve this, we use only the finest raw materials and have adopted a production process that is controlled from A to Z.

We help both private individuals and professionals (hotels, bars, restaurants, architects’ offices, etc.) with their interior design projects.

Our aim is to offer you top-of-the-range club furniture that is comfortable, attractive and durable.

Discover the breadth of our expertise and the additional services available in our manufacturing workshop.

Timeless and exclusive handcrafted club armchairs

In our workshop, each stage is carried out by hand by a professional who is a master of his or her discipline. Carpenters, upholsterers, upholsterers, designers and saddlers all contribute their talents to creating club furniture of exceptional quality. The sounds of hammer, sewing machine and plane all resonate in this special creative environment. Gesture after gesture, we bring unique pieces to life. In our collection, you’ll find numerous models of footrests, armchairs, sofas and convertible club beds. Handcrafted pieces that radiate beauty and will have no trouble creating a welcoming atmosphere in your home.

Since our beginnings, our product catalogue has continued to evolve in response to the growing interest in club chairs and the new vintage trends in furnishing. You’ll have the pleasure of discovering club chairs with a timeless look. These are iconic models that will never go out of fashion. You’ll be proud to install them in an office, library or bedroom. In fact, this type of leather chair has the knack of being accepted everywhere! We sell a wide range of products all year round in our collection.

Nevertheless, we strive to remain creative and are constantly looking for new shapes and finishes that might appeal to you. This quest for novelty pushes us to surpass ourselves and to offer you club chairs that are ever more daring, original or with a contemporary touch. Our club chair workshop is also a place of experimentation, where the sketches of tomorrow’s leather furniture are born.

A customised club chair workshop

All our club chairs and sofas can be bespoke.

We make classic models with unique features. But we’re still experts at making customised club chairs. And as such, we offer you a wide range of options so that you can bring home the club furniture you’ve always imagined.

Choosing the shape and finish of your club chair

Cognac Grand Moustache leather club chair, zoom armrest

By ordering from My Club Chair, you can change the width and depth of a seat, adapt the shape of a backrest, change the height of the base or choose special finishes. We offer you the opportunity to add upholsterer’s nails, a strip of pleated leather in a specific place, replace a roll-up armrest with a P-shaped armrest, or any other transformation.

Finally, we can engrave the leather of your leather seat with an image, a phrase or a date. This type of personalisation is particularly popular as a way of making your chair your own or as a gift. From a technical point of view, there are many possible variations. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you want. We’ll be happy to advise you on how best to create a product that retains its proportions and aesthetic harmony.

Creating a customised shade of basane leather

Leather samples in different colours for personalisation

All our club chairs and sofas are available in 8 standard, timeless colours: black, red, antique green, English green, chocolate, honey, havana and cognac. If you don’t like any of these colours, simply ask us for the shade of your choice. We can make leather shades to measure. To create the colour you want, nothing could be simpler: send us a colour sample by post or come and show it to us directly in our Toulouse showroom. Our workshop will use this reference to reproduce it.

If you don’t have any specific ideas, we can work with you to find the colour that will fit in perfectly with your interior design. Once this colour has been defined, our team will make several suggestions so that you can make your choice in the best possible conditions. Would you like gold, purple, blue jean or silver basane leather to cover your club furniture? Thanks to the My Club Chair workshop, it’s now possible.

Personalise the comfort of your club chair

Step of the manufacturing process of a club chair, the winding

Everyone has their own tastes and needs, and the comfort of a chair is no exception. As with a bed, some people prefer firmness, while others prefer softness. To meet the needs of different body shapes and preferences, we offer a range of comfort options for your club chair.

For the seat cushions, we detail three levels of comfort: soft, medium or firm. Depending on your choice, we’ll stuff the cushions with one of the following materials:

  • Flat or curved synthetic fibres of different densities;
  • High-resilience polyurethane foam;
  • A mixture of foam and feathers;
  • Pocket springs and foam that adapt perfectly to your body shape.

Finally, we offer a choice of two suspension systems for each of our club armchair and sofa models.

The fixed frame on nosag springs: cushioning is provided solely on the seat cushion. It’s easier to get up because you’re less ‘sunken’ into the chair.

The articulated frame on bi-conical springs: deforms under the weight of the body and offers excellent comfort. The fact that you’re sitting deeper in the seat makes it harder to get out.

The articulated frame on bi-conical springs: deforms under the weight of the body and offers excellent comfort. As you sit deeper in the seat, getting out is less easy.

We also offer the option of adding a suspended lumbar support. This is a seat whose springs are attached to a metal structure separate from the frame of the chair. When you sit on it, the suspended bottom provides a natural and extremely pleasant cushioning effect. This type of suspension is considered the ultimate in comfort.

Restoration of antique club armchairs and sofas

Have you come across an old club chair at a flea market and would like to renovate it?
Is your club sofa worn out and would you like to give it a new lease of life?

The old leather armchairs in our homes are often the result of an inheritance and therefore have great sentimental value. Refreshing them is the best way to preserve them.

At My Club Chair, we can restore an entire piece of club furniture, or just a specific element. This refurbishment can focus on a seat cushion, the frame, the suspension, the backrest, damaged armrests or torn leather.

This restorationwhether total or partial – is carried out using traditional methods and top-quality materials.

This top-of-the-range service will give you back a dazzling piece of furniture.

With regular maintenance, it will last for many years to come.

At My Club Chair, we can refurbish any type of club, whatever its condition. For a precise estimate, please contact us with photos of the leather seat to be repaired.

The stages in the complete restoration of a club chair

A complete renovation of a club chair involves the following stages:

1. Remove the trim
Close-up of the hands of a craftsman at work on the seat of a club chair

We remove nails, skins, padding and even strapping if necessary.

Close-up of a craftsman's hands working on the shape of a piece of light wood
Strapping the seat of a club chair

The straps are the floor of the wheelchair. They bear a large part of the user's weight. They play a vital role in ensuring excellent support. We check that they are in good condition and if not, we make a complete new strap.

Step of the manufacturing process of a club chair, the winding

This involves fitting and fixing the springs. This stage of the restoration must be carried out with care, as the springs suspend the chair. The whole thing is then covered with heavy canvas.

This is a natural fibre traditionally used for upholstering stylish furniture such as the Voltaire, Bergère and Crapaud armchairs. Fixing horsehair is a delicate job that requires the technical skills of a professional.

White coating of the club chair structure

We apply a layer of protective wadding to the heavy canvas, then add the various pieces of full-grain sheepskin (basane). Between 6 and 8 skins are needed to completely renovate a club chair.

Step of the manufacturing process of a club chair, the polish

Colour is a matter of taste. We can help you define the final look you want by adding a hand-applied artificial patina to the flooring. It will be more or less accentuated according to your preferences.

The various leather treatments, finishes that bring out the best in club furniture

Would you like to enhance the leather of your club armchair or sofa and make it softer and more supple? Would you like to revive its colour or enhance its natural patina? To achieve this, nothing is more effective than a complete patination or rewaxing. We start by cleaning and nourishing your furniture’s leather with the utmost care. To do this, we use maintenance products designed for basane leather. As far as colouring is concerned, you can keep the same shade or take advantage of our intervention to try out a new colour.

Finally, we give the chair a complete patina by hand. This operation requires a mastery and an aesthetic sense that for some elevates it to the level of art. It’s the patina that gives your furniture all its richness and nuances of colour. Once the patina is dry, we apply a final coat of nourishing and protective wax. All these steps are carried out by hand to ensure an impeccable finish. If your club armchair or sofa shows signs of cat scratches, snags or other minor damage, don’t panic: we can restore the leather in its entirety.

Do you need advice on choosing one of our many models of club armchair? Do you have a weathered club sofa that you’d like to refurbish? Call on our club chair manufacturing workshop! Don’t hesitate to contact us via our website or come and try out our chairs in our showroom in Toulouse. Our team is entirely at your service.