Small Club Sofas

These models were designed from club chairs or iconic club sofas from the beginning of the 20th century. You will be able to bring back in your living room a piece of history and enjoy a beautiful design furniture.

Simplicity and comfort of a small leather club sofa

Buying a small club sofa, is bringing back a part of the past at home. The small models of club sofas have all the qualities of the big ones. Beautiful lines, a sleek design, shapes that fit your body perfectly when you sit there, and above all unmatched comfort . That’s why we love vintage club sofas. This furniture retains all its authenticity thanks to a retro design faithful to the original models. You can enjoy real period furniture made in a traditional way.

The sheepskin leather, which is one of the softest leathers, is also very supple and only improves with time, if you take care of it. Indeed, it is a full grain leather untreated which has retained its small defects and its natural grain for an aged look but sublimated by a beautiful patina. If you regularly maintain the skin of your sofa, the patina will beautify and enhance the old furniture effect.

In addition, the seats of the small club leather sofas are also designed to ensure optimal comfort. Previously made of vegetable horsehair, they are now padded with an equally pleasant synthetic foam.

Timeless models for all types of interiors

We have a variety of leather club sofas perfect for small interiors. Here are our models :

They are all available in 2 or 3 places, and some are convertible. You will be able to join the useful to the pleasant.

These classic but timeless designs fit easily into any living room, even if you have a rather contemporary decor. They are also very popular with lovers of design and interior design. You can choose a small vintage club sofa with more rounded shapes for more sweets or choose the simplicity of a square sofa.

The choice of colors also allows you to adapt the model of small sofa club that you want to the atmosphere of the room. You can choose between 7 shades: gold, honey, rustic, chocolate, cognac, red or black.

Premium quality

All our club sofas are made by master craftsmen: carpenter, tanner, tanner, upholsterer or upholsterer. All trades are represented. They put their know-how at the service of themanufacture of a unique and upmarket furniture. The materials are chosen for their quality and strength. The structure, frame and feet are made of solid beech. While the coating is made with a full grain sheep leather, one of the best qualities of leather that exist. Traditional methods are used to make your small sofa club but these have been adapted with modern manufacturing techniques.

Buy a small leather club sofa, it’s rediscovering the interior design in all that it has the best to offer, that is to say, style and comfort. For this is the purpose of interior design: to integrate beauty into everyday life while creating a comfortable and warm living space.

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