Small leather club chairs

Discover our collection of small club chairs, top-of-the-range models that combine luxury and flexibility. Chic, adaptable furniture that combines all the qualities of craftsmanship.

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The little club chair, perfect for small spaces

If you’re a fan of traditional furniture, but your living space is limited, we’ve got just the model for you: the small club armchair. It’s much lighter than a traditional club chair, so you can easily move it around or change its position to suit your needs.

It’s also smaller and narrower. So you can finally give free rein to your vintage decorating desires and integrate it into your living room or any other room in your home. A small leather armchair will save you a lot of space while offering the same aesthetic qualities and comfort. So you won’t have to make any compromises.

Small club chairs for small budgets

Less expensive than the larger club chairs, the smaller models allow you to own an authentic club chair without sacrificing your interior design budget. Nevertheless, they are a smart investment. Thanks to the quality of their manufacture and the materials of which they are made, they are designed to last for decades. So your little club chair can follow you wherever you move and become a testimony to your history.

Despite their small size, our small club chairs benefit from the same craftsmanship and materials as all our creations. As a result, every subtlety and finish of this collection is as meticulous as that of any My Club Chair furniture. Every element is assembled by hand; from the wooden frame, to the leather inserts, to the upholsterer’s nails, every detail has been applied by the skilled hands of an experienced craftsman.

Small club chairs with a delicious vintage design

Each model in our collection has its own silhouette and character. Some, like the small Belle Époque club armchair, blend into the décor thanks to the sobriety of its straight, uncluttered lines. Others, like the Coco Club Chair, are the kind that stand out. With its encompassing backrest, slim, raised legs and striking border of traditional upholsterer’s nails, it has an inimitable retro feel.

Others, like the little Parisian club chair, combine the elegant grace of its rounded forms, slim crook armrests, and a flowing silhouette that allows it to blend into any interior. Each model exudes a certain delicacy that sets it apart from the big club chairs.

What all our small leather club chairs have in common is their inimitable comfort and authentic vintage charm. So we’re sure you’ll find THE little club chair that’s just right for you.
that suits you.

For even more comfort, think about combining your little club chair with its leather footrest!