2-seater leather Club sofa bed, a harmonious combination of style and comfort

Are you looking for a large convertible sofa with a vintage style but modern comfort? Then you’ve found it! At My Club Chair we’ve created an exclusive collection of convertible club sofas that are as beautiful and welcoming during the day as they are functional and cosy after dark. Don’t be afraid of having unexpected guests. Thanks to your leather convertible sofa, you’ll be able to enjoy long evenings with complete peace of mind and offer your guests quality sleeping accommodation. With their light and practical convertible system, our top-of-the-range models will adapt to your lifestyle.

The 2-seater convertible sofa

Are you looking for a large convertible sofa with a vintage style but modern comfort? At My Club Chair we’ve created an exclusive collection of convertible club sofas that are as beautiful and welcoming by day as they are functional and cosy by night. Don’t worry about unexpected guests.

Thanks to your leather convertible club sofa, you can enjoy long evenings with complete peace of mind and offer your guests quality sleeping accommodation. With their light and practical convertible system, our top-of-the-range models will adapt to your lifestyle.

The 2-seater club sofas we offer are all handmade, but can also be customised, particularly in terms of colour and seat.

A stylish and comfortable 2-seater convertible club sofa

Our leather convertible club sofas have been designed for those who want to offer their guests a cosy and comfortable place to sleep, without compromising on style. Each 2-seater club sofa is a variation on our most iconic club chairs. So you can choose from a range of leather convertible sofas in a variety of timeless designs. Straight back, moustache back or rounded back, opt for an authentic club sofa with character.

When folded, the leather convertible club sofa provides optimum support and a welcoming seat enhanced by the silky touch of its basane leather upholstery. When unfolded, this 2-seater leather sofa will amaze you with its flexibility and the comfort of its bedding.

A convertible club sofa with a quality mattress

Whether it’s a permanent or occasional bed, we expect a convertible sofa to provide a comfortable, hard-wearing sleeping surface. That’s why we’ve chosen to work with the French brand Bultex to equip our 2-seater convertible leather sofa models.

Their mattresses are renowned on the market for their quality and durability. By relying on a recognised manufacturer like Bultex, we can be sure of providing you with a safe, comfortable and durable product.

All our beds come with a particularly cosy 8 cm thick polyurethane foam mattress. Only the Grand carré and Hemingway convertible sofas include a 13 cm thick mattress to satisfy the most demanding sleepers.

Finally, the mattress rests on a 2-seater base made from 102 x 185 cm wooden slats, much more comfortable and durable than the sprung bases of our ancestors.

The mechanism of the convertible bed included in the 2-seater club sofa

As well as the comfort of the mattress, the mechanism of the convertible bed is essential. It has to be easy to open on a daily basis, while remaining solid over the long term. That’s why our 2-seater convertible club sofas are fitted with a metal system concealed in the wooden box.

Perfectly invisible when folded, all you have to do to unfold the 2-seater is pull on a tab. The system is fluid and functional.

The style of the 2-seater leather club sofa

As well as the comfort and quality of its manufacture, the 2-seater leather sofa is also aesthetically pleasing. It’s a leather sofa that draws the eye like a magnet to a room, living room or office. It tells a story, the story of the club chair.

The club sofa is instantly recognisable, with its :

  • its hand-applied upholsterer’s nails ;
  • its characteristic armrests
  • the quality of its fine grain sheepskin leather upholstery;
  • the height of the backrest, which provides excellent support;
  • the depth of its soft seat;
  • the quality of its polyurethane foam mattress.

The legs of the sofa are varnished to emphasise the grain of the wood. The leather upholstery is hand-fitted to each 2-seater club sofa. With its retro, vintage look and inimitable comfort, the 2-seater leather club sofa has stood the test of time and will win you over with its quality craftsmanship and attractive price.

The 2-seater convertible club sofa, a top-of-the-range model

Our leather convertible sofas are handcrafted from top-quality materials. We’ve chosen solid beech wood to create a stable, solid structure. The upholstery is made entirely from full-grain vegetable-tanned sheep’s leather.

Thanks to the expertise of our craftsmen and the durability of the materials we select, you can be sure of buying a 2-seater sofa bed that will last for years to come. With quick but regular maintenance, you can continue to use your sofa bed for decades to come.

At My Club Chair, we design stylish furniture that is robust and practical. They’re a smart investment that will stay with you for a long time.

The 2-seater club sofa, a customisable model

We offer a wide range of made-to-measure finishes to meet your specific needs. So you can have a custom-made 2-seater club sofa delivered to your home.

The colour of the leather sofa bed

To personalise your 2-seater leather sofa or convertible club sofa, we give you the option of selecting the colour of the leather from eight colours:

  • a honey-coloured leather club sofa ;
  • a leather convertible sofa in havana;
  • a 2-seater leather club sofa in chocolate;
  • a leather sofa in cognac;
  • a leather club sofa in red;
  • a 2-seater convertible sofa in black leather;
  • a leather sofa in antique green;
  • a 2-seater leather sofa in English green.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in any of these colours, we can design a 100% personalised shade by reproducing a sample of the colour you’ve selected.

As a general rule, club sofas are brown, as are club chairs. But yours may have leather upholstery in a completely different colour.

This service gives you the chance to have a leather sofa made to your exact specifications.

The seat of your 2-seater leather club sofa

To perfect the personalisation of your 2-seater leather sofa bed, at My Club Chair we give you the option of determining the degree of firmness or softness of the seat of your leather sofa bed.

This means that you will be able to opt for thicker or thinner padding for your 2-seater convertible sofa in order to obtain comfort that is :

  • soft ;
  • medium ;
  • firm.

Finally, as an option, we offer bi-conical springs, which we insert into the structure of the back of the 2-seater convertible club sofa. The addition of these springs provides a slight rebound effect that avoids too rigid a contact.

Let your desires speak for themselves and get a unique 2-seater club sofa at the best price. Do you have a sofa bed idea in mind? Then get in touch! We can design a totally unique leather club sofa for you.

If you like to combine luxury with English-style comfort, discover our prestigious Churchill 2-seater Chesterfield sofa bed.

How do you receive a 2-seater club sofa?

To receive a 2-seater leather club sofa, trust a craftsman who will make your leather sofa bed by hand. You’re guaranteed to buy a 2-seater club sofa offering the best value for money.

Our collection of 2-seater convertible leather sofas

As a specialist in club chairs, we offer a complete range of 2-seater convertible sofas. So you can find the ideal product: the 2-seater convertible sofa that’s just right for you.

To help you make your choice and determine the manufacturing options for your product, for each convertible club sofa, discover :

  • customer reviews ;
  • the price ;
  • a list of the convertible leather sofa’s features ;
  • product dimensions
  • leather colours;
  • customisation options, such as leather engraving;
  • manufacturing processes;
  • mattress specifications;
  • and much more.

Each leather 2-seater club sofa is made to measure. It therefore takes between six and eight weeks to make. These lead times are clearly indicated for each product.

Whether you’re looking for Chesterfield armchairs, armchairs, 3-seater convertible sofas, Chesterfield sofas or small club sofas, My Club Chair offers you authentic club armchairs.

If you need any further information about the seat, back height, armrests or mattress of your 2-seater club sofa, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We also look forward to seeing you in our showroom, where you can try out every product in our collection, whether it’s ..:

  • a Chesterfield leather armchair ;
  • a 2-seater armchair
  • a 2-seater club sofa;
  • a Chesterfield office chair;
  • a leather convertible sofa ;
  • etc.

Payment and delivery of your 2-seater leather club sofa

There are several ways to pay for your club sofa bed. You can pay by credit card, bank transfer or cheque.

Finally, when it comes to delivery of a 2-seater leather club sofa, you should know that this is available in France and many other countries, including Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. Delivery is free for orders over a certain amount.

For your office in Paris, your home in a French town or your business in any region of France, the 2-seater club sofa is an exceptional product. In black or brown leather, you’ll be seduced by the quality of its finish and its unforgettable comfort.

In just a few weeks, you’ll receive at your home or the address of your choice, a handcrafted product, a convertible 2-seater club sofa covered in full-grain sheepskin leather whose inimitable quality you’ll appreciate.

The 2-seater convertible club sofa is elegant, warm, comfortable and timeless. Thanks to its Bultex mattress in high-resistance polyurethane foam, you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come, whether during the day or at night.