Leather club chairs

Discover our collection of authentic leather club chairs, plush and comfortable models crafted with respect for tradition. The perfect furniture for lovers of top-of-the-range furniture and vintage decor.

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Traditional handcrafted club chairs

Handcrafted club armchairs are top-of-the-range pieces of furniture that will bring style and comfort into your home. Mon Fauteuil Club offers a range of small and large club chairs to suit your taste, budget and interior space.

The large club chair, a luxurious and sought-after seat

For decades, My Club Chair has been making large club armchairs that exude ease and prestige. These imposing models create a chic, plush atmosphere in any room of a house, loft or flat. Stable and solid, they are made from noble materials that guarantee them an exceptional lifespan.

We’ve chosen beech wood for the frame, which we assemble by hand, and for the legs. Beech is one of the world’s most durable woods. Our range of large leather armchairs is made up of models in a variety of silhouettes. We’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for in our large club chairs, which come in round, straight or mixed shapes.

The small club chair, a top-of-the-range model in a reduced size

Small leather club chairs like the ones we make concentrate all the quality of our craftsmanship. Smaller and lighter, they are more adaptable and easier to move around in a small space. They’re perfect for those who want to embellish their interior with a vintage touch, but have a small living space.

More discreet than large armchairs or sofas, small club chairs are just as robust, durable and comfortable. Their smaller size makes it easier to place them in more intimate living spaces, such as a bedroom or office.

Club chairs upholstered in Basane leather

All our club chairs are upholstered in Basane leather. A thick, supple, shiny full-grain sheepskin. Before our furniture is upholstered, it is first treated with vegetable tanning. This age-old process is carried out by one of the last and most prestigious gold basane leather makers. Instead of using chromium, a polluting and allergenic chemical element, he uses natural sources such as bark, leaves and wood. This method guarantees a more supple, hypoallergenic leather that will patina more easily over time. What’s more, the surface of the hide is preserved, retaining the small irregularities typical of full flower leathers, such as stretch marks, small marks or scars, which make each piece unique.

To protect this precious basane leather, our craftsmen cover it with a transparent shoe polish. The leather of the club chair is then covered with a hand-applied patina. This will be more or less intense depending on our customers’ tastes and instructions. This stage gives the sheepskin leather a charming aged look, so sought-after by lovers of vintage decor.

A large or small personalised club chair

My Club Chair offers a wide range of handmade leather club chairs. This diversity is enhanced tenfold by the number of colours available: honey, cognac, havana, chocolate, red, black, antique green, open English. However, our craftsmen
are experts at making to measure. So don’t hesitate to let us know what you want and place an order for a personalised club chair.

We can create an exclusive leather colour for you. All you need to do is send us a colour sample, which we can use as a basis for designing a unique leather colour. We can also adapt the shape and size of a club chair to match the model you have in mind. To find out more, contact our team.

For even more style and comfort in your home, consider combining your club chair with a leather footrest.