How to choose your leather club chair?

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Buying a top-of-the-range club chair is often an investment that is not insignificant. Between the different brands and prices on the market, it is sometimes difficult to see clearly. To help you make the best choice, discover our professional secrets for recognising the quality of leather in a club chair.

What types of leather can I find on the market?

You can find leather at all prices and in different qualities:

  • Full grain leather ;
  • corrected leather
  • rectified leather
  • split leather;
  • Bycast.

Full grain sheepskin, commonly known as “basane”, is the upper part of the animal’s hide. In fact, it is on the surface (the first layer) and represents the most noble part. On a leather Club chair, this hide has retained its entire original surface, the “full grain”. This means that the leather has not been corrected or rectified, it is its purest version. This noble and luxurious material has a natural grain that is particularly soft and pleasant to the touch. This is the material we use in our workshop to dress our creations.

Is split leather a good choice?

Located underneath the grain, the leather crust is in direct contact with the animal flesh. With the application of a few techniques, it can appeal to many people, but not to the true connoisseur. Manufacturers sand one side of the hide to get rid of the hair residue and thus imitate the appearance of the flower. Then they smooth one side of the leather and finish it off by covering the smooth side with different layers of paint. Moreover, they use low-end products imported from South-East Asia to minimise their expenses.

Beware: if the crust is not part of the grain of the leather, it can still be sold under the name of “genuine leather“.

How to recognize the quality of a full grain leather to choose your club chair?

To distinguish a crust leather from a full grain leather, it is essential to focus on the wrinkles and natural grains. Some craftsmen perform feats and reproduce these irregularities in order to deceive leather lovers. They do this with a large metal press.

In order to recognise a full grain leather, it is necessary to look at other aspects of the basane grain. It has specific features that no machine can reproduce. For example, the hair follicles that are produced when the hair is pulled out. On the other hand, the appearance of the follicles differs depending on the animal. For example, in the case of pigs, the full grain has small, deep holes, aligned or arranged in triangles.

assortment of full grain leathers
Assortment of full grain leathers

Which full grain leathers are used in the manufacture of Club chairs?

Among the most common leathers used in the manufacture of a full grain leather club chair are cowhide and sheep (basane). Each type of leather has its strengths and weaknesses. Cowhide leather is very durable, but irregular. Calf leather is more attractive, but less durable and more expensive. Basane leather is exceptionally beautiful and durable. It is distinguished by its greater softness and less marked fat folds. After checking the quality of the leather used in the design of a club chair, it is important to look at its origin.

Do you know the origin of our full grain leather?

My Club Chair obtains its top quality leather from a French tannery that is an expert in vegetable tanning. This leather factory, which has existed since 1898, is located in the south-west of France between the Tarn and the Aveyron. It perpetuates an ancestral know-how that is extremely rare and recognised worldwide. In the last century, this leather industry counted no less than 300 workshops.

Learn more about our basane leathers

We only use grade A and B full grain leather, i.e. leather with a thickness of 1.4/1.6 mm. This genuine leather can be recognised at a glance, as it takes on the imprint of time: wrinkles, grease folds, scratches and irregularities. All these marks give each leather and each chair its unique character. When you buy from our online shop, you can be sure that you are choosing a top quality leather club chair.

Did you know?

No two leather skins are alike. Scars, insect bites, and other marbling should not be considered defects, but rather a guarantee of authenticity.

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