How to choose your leather club chair?

Here are my tips to make sure you don’t make a mistake when buying a leather seat

The choice of model is important and depends on what you expect from a leather club chair.
Very often a customer’s choice comes down to the aesthetics of the model. He forgets why he is looking for a good chair and the primary function: to sit comfortably. Follow the guide so that you don’t make a mistake!

Tips for choosing a good Club Chair

Choose your club model carefully!

Criteria such as a person’s morphology or the way he or she sits are important elements in the choice of model and must be taken into account to guide you in your quest for comfort.
I am talking about a selfish chair in which you will spend hours and hours, year after year, and in which it is more than important that you sit comfortably.

Pay attention to the colour of your leather armchair!

Moreover, it is often linked to your interior decoration, Classic, Art Deco or Modern this choice is yours. We offer you 7 colours of basane leather but we can also make a sample colour, provided by the customer, you just have to ask our customer service.

The comfort of the club chairs is essential

Comfort is the notion that is personal to you and that calls upon criteria that only you know well:

  • Is the seat hard or firm?
  • the backrest: curved or curved?
  • the way you sit: straight or, on the contrary, by sinking into the seat?
  • It’s all a matter of taste!

In order to make the right choice, it is also important to understand “the notion of comfort”, it is your weight that will help you to adopt the comfort that suits you. The more your weight is important, the more the density of the seat will have to be in order to give you the necessary support.
For example: a 50 kg person will not have the same need for comfort as a 100 kg person.

The greater your weight, the firmer you will need to be, if you are a light weight you will prefer soft comfort.

Here are examples of possible seating combinations, from the firmest to the softest:

  • firm comfort / nosag springs: for a heavyweight person who is looking for a firm seat with support.
  • bi-conical springs: for a heavy-weight person who is looking for a firm seat with a little cushioning
  • medium comfort / nosag springs: for a medium-weight person looking for balanced comfort with a lot of support
  • bi-conical springs: for a medium-weight person looking for balanced comfort with more flexibility at the reception desk
  • soft comfort / nosag springs: for a light or medium weight person looking for soft comfort with support
  • bi-conical springs: for a light or medium-weight person looking for soft comfort with a soft welcome to sink into the seat

My Club Chair offers you 3 levels of comfort

Discover our model “FIRM COMFORT”

The seat is upholstered with High Resilience Polyurethane foam of 42kg/m3. This comfort is well suited to people who weigh more than 100kg or who like a hard seat.

If you like softness, choose the reference “MEDIUM COMFORT”

The seat upholstery is made of a mixture of flat fibres. Ideal for light to medium sized people who want balanced comfort.

For the more curvy and cocooned, here is the “FLEXIBLE COMFORT” model

The seat is upholstered with a mixture of curved fibres. More than comfort is a state of mind. By choosing the combination “soft comfort with bi-conical springs” you choose a way to sit, by sinking into your armchair.
When you sit in your armchair the first contact is with the seat, which acts as the first shock absorber by crashing against the frame.

Do you prefer a fixed frame or suspension on your chair?

The rigid frame: nosag springs

The nosag springs have no vertical travel and are only there to stabilize the seat. It is a fully fixed seat that has no shock absorber.

The flexible frame: bi-conical springs

The bi-conical springs, on the other hand, act as a second shock absorber when you sit down. These springs give the seat extra suppleness and comfort.

If your chair is equipped with double conical springs, these will compress as the seat cushion is crushed under the weight of your body. They act as a second shock absorber, making the seat more flexible.

  • A Nosag spring wheelchair is fixed and only has the thickness of the seat to cushion your weight.
  • An armchair on bi-conical springs is, on the contrary, an armchair with small bi-conical springs that are located in the seat and which, just like a mattress, have the same thickness as the seat.

By adding bi-conical springs you will get more flexibility in the seat and this will preserve the life of the upholstery.

Some examples of original chairs

  • The Courtesan
  • The Toad armchair
  • The Creole armchair