Club Chairs

Leather Club chairs made their appearance at the end of the 19th century in France.

They earned their letters of nobility thanks to the material used for the upholstery: leather, but beware, not just any leather!

Indeed, who would imagine a real gentleman sitting and drinking his Brandy in an armchair that is made of something other than the highest quality leather, the basane.

Find out what different types of leather are used for this seat, and which leather is recommended to enhance your Club chair.

What leather for a club chair?

Classic yet comfortable, the Club chair in aged leather is the essential piece of furniture to give elegance to your living room. If you wish to buy a club chair for your interior or even for your business, you must make sure that the type of leather used is of good quality, and above all that it gives the best effect. Models such as the large club chair are sublimated by this upholstery, whether you are buying a chair for your hotel, café or lounge, the club chair and its leather will give you a great image.

Club chair in aged leather

There are Club chairs on the market covered with different kinds of leather: cowhide, sheepskin, full grain, or corrected grain. So how do you know which one to choose? To have a club chair in vintage leather, you have to choose the full grain sheepskin leather. The leather of an armchair of this kind must be aged in order to give it that vintage look. It is also a guarantee of quality, because aged leather becomes more beautiful with time. Its conservation requires regular maintenance but it will last for decades. This is what you get with full grain leather.

Corrected grain leather

You can also opt for a vintage club chair with corrected flower leather. This type of leather, unlike full grain leather, has undergone treatments to improve its resistance and durability. It is suitable for coloured leathers. However, it has several disadvantages. Sanding removes the natural grain of the leather grain, which removes its defects and gives it a much smoother appearance, preferred by some, but which does not correspond to the definition of a real leather club chair. It is covered with a new artificial grain to give it its colour, but this fades after a few years. Full grain leather is therefore the best covering for a genuine vintage club chair.

The Club chair in full grain leather

The upholstery used for the leather club chairs is a full grain basane skin. This type of skin is not treated with chemicals. It is manufactured and treated in a traditional way in order to respect and sublimate its grain. It is very soft to the touch and its aged appearance gives the club chair a unique character. This is what differentiates it from a common armchair. But how is full grain basane leather made?

The manufacturing process of full grain leather

The most important step that will define the quality of the leather is the tanning process. At My Club Chair, the tanning is vegetable-based and carried out using an artisanal process that preserves the marks and defects of the hide. It is also a type of tanning that softens the leather. It can be aniline, the surface of the hide is preserved to the maximum, or semi-aniline, i.e. covered by semi-opaque pigments. In the second case, the leather is more protected and less fragile. Over time, the patina of the leather deepens and improves to give the leather club chair this unique and old-fashioned look. Thanks to this treatment and the original quality of the basane leather, we obtain club chairs with an aged look, resistant and with a definitely vintage style. In order to preserve the beauty of your armchair, it is advisable to maintain the leather regularly.

What is the price of a leather Club chair?

The leather Club chair, handcrafted, exists in several models. All have different prices, depending on their seats, their suspensions, and the quantity of leather used. And many other models. Prices for quality leather club chairs can therefore vary from several hundred euros. It's up to you to choose the model that meets your expectations and your budget. If you wish an expertise, do not hesitate to contact us by phone, or to visit us. See also the small Club chairs