How do you patina a leather club chair?

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Why is regular maintenance of your basane sofa essential?

The patina of a club chair is what makes it so charming. It gives it the appearance of antique furniture found at a flea market.

Of course, the marks left by time are the essential component of a beautiful patina, but the patina also depends greatly on the care you give to your Basane leather sofa.

Take regular care of your chair to ensure that its leather has the patina you want!

Enhance the natural patina of your club chair!

The patina is the result of use and time. It is what makes the charm of old sofas…

Indeed, over the years, the leather of your club chair will take on various shades and sometimes even a few scratches! You will see it discolour in the areas most exposed to friction, perspiration, stretching and humidity… This is especially true of the armrests, the seat and the back.

However, the term “natural patina” should not deceive anyone: the secret of a beautiful patina is regular maintenance.

Vegetable-tanned full-grain leather lends itself very well to natural ageing, provided that you regularly use a colourless wax to nourish and protect it. It will then take on that aged look so characteristic of club chairs, without damaging it and without its colours looking dull.

How to obtain a beautiful artificial patina for full grain leather?

Today, obtaining a beautiful patina has become a real art.

If your club chair is not old, but you want to give it the charm of timeworn chairs, you can achieve the result you want with an artificial patina.

You are not limited to imitating the natural ageing of your chair: almost anything is possible! By using a colouring cream, you can change the colour of the leather, for example, or revive the colours of a damaged sofa.

Changing the colour of an entire club chair is a delicate art, however. If you are not used to doing this, it may be more prudent to entrust your chair to a professional. He or she will be able to turn your wishes into reality!

Choose a sofa in basane to give it the patina you want!

Not all leathers lend themselves easily to an artificial patina: you won’t get anything with split leather or nubuck leather.

An original club chair is covered with full grain leather. This is an ideal leather for a quality patina. An aniline or semi-aniline finish is best for optimal results and longevity.