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Lindbergh 3 seater Club sofa 1927

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Its vintage look is a sure bet for your decoration. Discover it!

Delivery time : 7 to 8 weeks
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The Lindbergh 3-seater club sofa brings warmth and character to your home. With its high back and wide armrests, it offers unparalleled comfort.

Elegance, solidity and resistance are its assets!

A 100% leather club sofa

The upholstery is made of full grain sheep leather, a top quality leather.

Full grain is the first layer of the animal’s skin, a noble and luxurious part.

This leather has retained its original surface and has not been corrected. It is then possible to observe the natural grain of the skin as well as the defects linked to the animal: wrinkles, scars, stretch marks… These marks give the leather its authenticity. Each piece is therefore unique.

The touch of this leather is very pleasant, soft and supple. Moreover, it is one of the most resistant natural materials. With proper care, it will last well over 30 years.

The leather used for the Lindbergh 3-seater club sofa is 1.4 to 1.6 cm thick. This thickness contributes to its long life. It cannot distort or warp.

Leather is a living material that evolves and changes over time. If it is well cared for and nourished with suitable products (moisturising wax), it will develop a beautiful patina over the years.

The Lindbergh Club Sofa: its characteristics

The Lindbergh 3 seater Club Sofa is manufactured using traditional methods from the late 1920s.

The leather is traditionally vegetable tanned, as it was in the last tanneries. The leather is dyed, patinated and polished by hand.

For the structure (frame and legs), solid beech wood, an extremely resistant and robust wood, is used.

You can customise your Lindbergh Club sofa.

You can choose between three different seating comfort levels : soft, medium or firm, with the option of a double-spring suspension system for a softer seating experience.

Finally, this Club sofa is available in 8 colors: honey, havana, chocolate, cognac, red, black, bottle green, antique green.

Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 200 × 95 × 85 cm

Honey, Havana, Chocolate, Cognac, Red, Black, Antique Green, English Green


Soft, Medium, Firm


without suspension, with suspension

Seat dimensions (W x D)

50 x 55 cm

Seat cushion height

42 cm

Height of the armrests

60 cm

Number of seats

3 seater

Nombre de colis



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The leather

Our Club chairs are made of 1.4/1.6 mm thick full grain sheep leather (basane leather).

This leather is renowned for its strength and softness and guarantees excellent long-term durability.

The vegetable tanning of our skins is done in the Toulouse region by a tannery with world-renowned know-how.

During assembly, in order to obtain an optimal result, we wet the leather so that it perfectly fits the curves of the model.

We then let the skin dry naturally.

The colour and finish

Once the chair is dry, we colour it with the chosen shade.

Once dyed, the leather is patinated and waxed by hand to bring out the roughness of the leather. This step underlines the elegance and the beautiful natural colour of the material. The back is studded or finished with piping, as desired.

We offer the following colours:

    • Regular colours : honey, havana, chocolate, cognac, red, black, antique green and English green.

    • exceptional colours (only on request) : aubergine, blue jeans, burgundy, gold.

    • However, we can also work on a sample basis and find the exact colour that suits you.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you to choose!

The frame

The frame and legs of our models are made entirely of solid beech. Our wood is kiln-dried, which increases its strength. The joints are carefully stapled and glued.

There are 2 types of frames:

    • Frame with fixed front : the frame has a fixed front and under the seat there are nosag springs. You only have the seat cushion to absorb the body weight.

The seat cushion is less steep, which makes it easier to get up.

    • Frame with suspended front : the frame has a hinged front and under the seat there are bi-conical springs. Under the weight of the body, the seat cushion deforms and so do the springs. This type of assembly provides additional cushioning.

The seat cushion is lowered more, which can cause problems when standing up.

The upholstery

We offer 6 types of upholstery depending on the comfort you want:

Regular fillings :

    • High resilience polyurethane foam of 42kg/m3 (firm comfort)

    • Fibre flakes laid and partitioned (soft comfort)

    • Fibre flakes laid flat (medium comfort)

Upholstery on request :

    • Horsehair : vegetable or animal

    • Feather and foam flakes

    • Polyurethane foam with pocket springs

Made to measure

If your wishes can be fulfilled, they will be fulfilled (well, almost…)

If you have a particular request for the manufacture, please contact us, we will study it.

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