Are you familiar with the Club Sofa bed?

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A comfortable bed hidden in a uniquely styled seat, just for you!

Combine the beautiful and the functional with a convertible club sofa!
Always have a good seat for the day and a comfortable bed for the night, this is the answer with the club sofa bed.

Ideal for small spaces, this seat offers you the possibility to keep your loved ones to sleep while remaining a decorative element with an unmistakable style.

How to choose your convertible sofa?

To try to answer, ask yourself the right questions: what design do you want? What size do you want?

How often will you sleep on the sofa?

In which room will it be located?

In the theme “Choosing the right club chair“, I mentioned the fact that we often let ourselves be guided in our choices by aesthetic criteria that are essential: the decoration of our interior, the upholstery and the colour.
Indeed, you will not choose the same convertible sofa for occasional use as for daily use.
When buying, you must be attentive to the quality of the mattress: our club convertible sofas are all equipped with Bultex mattresses to offer you a quality sleeping experience.

The sleeping arrangement

The more the bed is used, the better the quality and durability of the mattress.
You will frequently find mattresses on the market with the name “polyurethane foam”. But this is not enough and is not always a guarantee of quality. Indeed, these mattresses have a very relative comfort and a limited lifespan.
By relying on a brand such as Bultex® we have made the choice for peace of mind, for our customers and for ourselves.

The mechanism of the bed is also important, it must be solid and easy to open, but not too much. Make sure it is of high quality and easy to open.
It is normal to force it open a little, but an adult should be able to open it easily.

Also think about how much space you need to leave in front of the sofa bed when it is opened into the bed position.

Discover the Club Sofa Bed by My Club Chair

All of our convertible Club sofas, 2 or 3 seater, are equipped with a 3-ply mechanism. Comfort is provided by an 8 cm thick Bultex® mattress made of 35kg/m3 high resilience polyurethane foam. The wooden slatted base is based on a quality mechanism, easy to open and close.